Planned breedings and upcoming litters
We are happy to announce the upcoming breeding at Vom-Canuck.

Dam: Kuntasch Vom Canuck
D1, S1, VGP1, VBR , SW/20 prize 1 , SW/40 prize 1 , HN , V1 , A2

Sir: Meiko Vom Pottsiepen 
D1, WJS, S3, S1 , VGP 1, CACIB , BS , VBR , HN , V1 , HD0 

Kuntasch  is a very methodical hunter, with an amazing nose and has a very determined character. Her searches are a thing of beauty and always in contact with the hunter.  Her testing carrier is one of the best, having finished 20 and 40 hr blood tracking both with prize 1. This shows the level of concentration she utilizes when hunting, yet easy to control and with a pronounced off switch when at home and not hunting. Her past two litters have been very uniform and she has produced outstanding puppies.

Meiko Vom Pottsiepen was imported to United States in 1995. He sired many wonderful dogs both in the field and show ring. We are fortunate enough to have semen from this magnificent DK, so we will be bringing the old glory of Pottsiepen/ Hege Haus forward .He has been described as a dog of lifetime with wide searches and fantastic water retrieves. His nose and love of water were noted by all who had seen him hunt .He is absolutely perfect in all aspects. This dog is a mixture of old possipp and Hege Haus blood line.  His pedigree should speak volumes to the quality of this dog .

This crossing is special in many ways and will be only done one time, as there are very limited supply of his semen. 
We are expecting puppies that are ever naturally talented with a very keen nose and high hunting drive both in field and water. Puppies will whelp in Michigan. 

For more information please send us a email at or call (204)761-5444 , ​