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 Welcome to Vom Canuck Kennels 

We are a german registered deutsch kurzhaar (German shorthair pointer) breeder, located in Manitoba Canada

We are pleased to breed and produce some of the best blood lines available.  
Most of our dogs are imported from Germany. 

Our dogs are fully tested with accordance to stringent german testing regulations, which includes field, water, blood tracking, retrieving, various game drags, pointing, searching, co-operation, and temperment just to name few.
It is our opinion this performance based testing ensures 
the true versatility of this breed. 

Our philosophy is to breed and produce dogs who have abundance of 
natural ability in field and water, yet co-operative and easily trainable 
and a pleasure to have in any home.

Paramount to our breeding program is hunting abilities and temperment of the dog.
Our dogs hunt in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Montana and the Dakotas. 

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